Carbon Dioxide Removal and the City

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According to the U.N. IPCC (October 2018), carbon dioxide removal (CDR) on a massive scale will be necessary to limit global temperature change to 1.5°C this century. Growing attention to this has focused mainly on a handful of nature-based and industrial solutions that appear to be decidedly un-urban in their footprint, operation and logistical demands.

But cities have historically provided critical early habitats for innovations that ultimately attain transformational scale far beyond their borders. Indeed, today's urban centers are leading some of the most creative, serious and impactful responses to the climate crisis.

What role might cities play in fostering early niche markets and proving grounds for promising CDR applications and companies? Furthermore, how might CDR help climate-forward cities like New York achieve their long-term emissions reductions goals? In this panel discussion, pioneering CDR entrepreneurs and thinkers from around the world will present a series of (near) future-focused CDR use cases for the urban environment.

Jamie Rogers
Senior Advocate, The OpenAir Collective

Jia Li
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Carbon Infinity

Chris Neidl
Policy Analyst, Carbon 180

Josh Santos
CEO, Noya

Doug Staker
VP, Business Development, Carbon Quest

Bob Wilson
VP of Commercialization, AirCapture