From Blueprint to Bill: NYC’s Building Emissions Law

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Free Admission
Free Admission

Join Urban Green Council and World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) for a Global Exchanges Webinar about the process behind NYC's groundbreaking building emissions law.

Urban Green policy experts will discuss what lessons and solutions could be used by Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) cities and states working in the Americas towards the same goal: energy efficiency in buildings.

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Russell Unger
Chief Strategy Officer, Urban Green Council

Russell helps ensure that Urban Green Council is positioned for maximum impact by leading the organization’s strategic planning efforts and advising on policy initiatives, including the Blueprint for Efficiency. As Urban Green’s founding Executive Director (2007-2017), he built and guided the organization’s innovative programs, cementing its place as a leader in advocacy, education and research. He was twice tapped by the City of New York to lead blue ribbon commissions – the Building Resiliency Task Force (2013) and the Green Codes Task Force (2008-2010). A lawyer by training, Russell previously worked at the New York City Council and Mayor’s Office, drafting and implementing many environmental laws.

Christopher Halfnight
Associate Director, Policy, Urban Green Council

Chris works to advance Urban Green’s policy priorities with government and professional associations. He has experience in energy and water policy with the Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, and Conservation Law Foundation. Chris is a licensed lawyer in NY and Ontario, Canada, holding a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, and Bachelor of Civil Law from McGill University, as well as a Master's in Environmental Management with a specialization in energy from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.