Author Talk: Alexandros Washburn

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Having lived through Superstorm Sandy, New Yorkers know we must change our city to become resilient. But how do we change, and how do we recognize resilience?

In his presentation, Alexandros Washburn will discuss how building professionals, planners and everyday citizens can harness the nature of urban design to transform their neighborhoods. He will explain how sustainability and resilience are related through the global risk equation and call for a new, pragmatic approach to design that benchmarks the technical aspects of resilience while never losing sight of the ultimate object of urban design — to improve the quality of civic life.

Alexandros draws heavily on his experience both as Chief Urban Designer at the Department of City Planning, and as a New Yorker whose own home was flooded by Sandy. While highlighting forward-thinking developments in cities around the world, he grounds his talk in the realities of political and financial challenges that define the context in which real world decisions are made.

Sharing insights from his new book, The Nature of Urban Design: A New York Perspective on Resilience, Alexandros shows how a well-designed city can be the most efficient, equitable, safe, and enriching place on earth.

Alexandros Washburn
Chief Urban Designer, New York Department of City Planning

As Chief Urban Designer at the New York Department of City Planning, Alexandros has been at the forefront of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's epic remaking of the city. He works to increase resilience in cities personally as well as professionally. To meet this challenge he relies on his experience in a career made up of equal parts politics, finance and design: government staffer for the late Senator Moynihan, community developer and urban farmer in Durham, North Carolina, and design principal with national awards in urban design, architecture and landscape architecture, including New York’s prestigious Public Architect Award.



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