Reaching All Industry Sectors

The modern green building industry exploded with LEED over a decade ago. Since then, many owners and members of the design community have come to embrace sustainability and lead the way in green practice and technology. But now we’re moving beyond these early adopters to expand our impact and reach all sectors of the building industry.

Our Local Law 87 trainings on benchmarking, audits, and retrocommissioning and Local Law 88 trainings on lighting upgrades and sub-metering are helping medium-sized owners and operators get the most value out of compliance with new energy-saving legislation passed by New York City. Our work on the Energy Aligned Clause provides a way to pay for energy retrofits in commercial tenant spaces.

GPRO, our training program for trades and contractors, is our biggest success to date. Launched in 2010, it bridges the gap between theory and application of green building practices, and has trained nearly 6,800 people across the building trades throughout North America.

To reach new industry sectors, we tap into our network of members, sponsors and program partners like The Real Estate Board of New York and major unions to make sure we’re getting to key decision-makers. More importantly, we utilize these connections to develop sector-specific tools and programs that improve health, the environment, and the bottom line.