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Urban Green Council supports business practices that encourage building energy efficiency. Look no further than the Energy Aligned Clause for a spectacular example of such a practice.

In many commercial leases, landlords are discouraged from investing in energy retrofits because the tenants reap the energy savings. This "split incentive" diverts the financial carrot away from the landlord, and opportunities for cost reductions from energy savings are often ignored.

An industry working group led by the Mayor's Office developed the Energy Aligned Clause enabling both landlord and tenant to benefit financially from a retrofit. PlaNYC has more information here.

Urban Green Council led the effort through mid-September 2012 to get the word out to the Commercial Real Estate industry. How? Mostly through presentations to brokers, tenants, owners, attorneys and related industry organizations.

The Energy Aligned Clause Outreach was funded through generous support from NYSERDA, NRDC, EDF, REBNY, and The City of New York. 

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