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BRTF Structure

The Building Resiliency Task Force will be divided into four Committees and three Working Groups, each with two co-chairs.  Committee and Working Group member lists are shown here.


Committees are organized by building sector (Residential, Commercial, and Critical) and largely chaired by owners. The Committees will consider the options created by the Working Groups and decide on their applicability, if any, to the buildings within the committee’s purview. There is also a Special Committee on Homes (1-3 Family).

Working Groups

Working Groups are organized around building systems (Structure, Façade, and Interiors; Electrical & IT; and HVACR, Plumbing & Fire Protection) and are chaired by designers. Their job is to draft policy options that could be applied to various building sectors. Much of the detailed work of the Task Force will take place in the discipline-specific Working Groups:


Access (entrances, elevators, stairwells, public areas), Envelope (façade, windows, roofs), Interior (finishes, contamination, mold), Structure (framing, basement, foundations), and Emergency occupancy (places of refuge within buildings, shelters)


Grid Power (incoming service, distribution), Emergency and Standby Power (generators, distribution, onsite generation), IT (Voice and data), and Fire Alarms



HVACR (cooling, heating, air handling units, rooftop equipment, refrigeration, fuel supply), Plumbing (water supply roof tanks, supply pumps, storage, DHW, sewage ejector pumps), and Fire Protection (devices, panels, standpipes, sprinkler controls, fire pumps)


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the chairs of the various committees and Working Groups, along with representatives from Urban Green, the Mayor’s Office, and the Speaker’s Office. 

Members At-Large

Members At-Large are city officials and experts with wide skills, who will not be assigned to a particular committee or Working Group and will be free to roam.